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Numerology is study of Numerical value, its character and effect. Basic mathematics is used in numerology; by calculating/ analysis we can know the power of numbers, how the number is effecting on any individual. In fact, in numerology, the calculations are being done on the basis of the planetary position and its features. One separate number is allocated to each planet. It depends on the fact that what number effect that particular planet. Sun(Surya), Moon(Chandra), Guru, Rahu, Budha, Shukra, Ketu, Shani and Mangal these nine planets have a profound effect on human’s life.

The origin of Numerology is not clear but has been in practice more than thousand years, at that time the main aim of researchers was calculation on solar system, planets, nakshatra etc. On the basis of research, they predicted on persons, planets, whether/season, day/night and good/bad. On the basis analysis of numbers, successful predictions were made on birth number, destiny number and name number etc.

Any person’s birth number, destiny number and name number effects on that person as per unique supremacy of his number/planetary position. In today’s life numbers effect on every sphere of our life i.e. Mobile/ Phone/ Vehicle/ Home/ Kothi/ Business Institution/ Office/ Company/ Bank Accounts/ PAN/ Aadhaar Card/ Ration Card/ Voter Card/ Registration numbers etc

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